Meredith Bagley

Meredith Bagley: Department of Communication Studies

Meredith joined the faculty of the Department of Communication Studies in 2010, and joined the Safe Zone Resource Center committee in 2011. She has been a member of Safe Zones throughout her graduate education, at the University of Washington in Seattle and at the University of Texas in Austin. She is committed to supporting and expanding safe spaces at the Capstone, with particular interests in helping her fellow faculty members address homophobia in their classrooms and in supporting straight-identified allies who stand up to peers who may engage in homophobic comments or bullying behavior.  Meredith has served as an officer in Capstone Alliance, currently advises Spectrum, and helped bring Lavender Graduation to UA in 2011. She can be found in her office (Reese Phifer 204-W), coaching rugby on the rec fields, or taking her golden retriever to the dog park.


LucyCurzonLucy Curzon: Department of Art and Art History

Lucy Curzon is an Assistant Professor of Modern and Contemporary Art in the Department of Art and Art History.  She has been a Safe Zone ally and trainer at UA since 2008 and has participated in Safe Zone programs at various other institutions, including the University of Rochester (Rochester, NY), St. John Fisher College (Pittsford, NY), and the University of West Georgia (Carrollton, GA).  One of her primary scholarly interests is representations of sexuality and gender in modern and contemporary art and how these identities intersect with broader concerns of national and civic life.  She is also the Director of the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art at The University of Alabama, and works closely with students and faculty – using works in the collection – to explore issues of diversity through visual culture.


Maureen Flint HeadshotMaureen Flint: Coordinator for Training and Professional Development

Maureen Flint currently serves as the Coordinator for Training and Professional Development in Housing and Residential Communities at the University of Alabama. Within her role she oversees the annual and on-going training and professional development of 300+ undergraduate staff members, and 26 graduate assistants. Maureen holds a M.A. in higher education administration from The University of Alabama, and previously worked in Housing and Residential Communities at The University of Alabama as a Community Director. Since starting in her current role in June 2014, Maureen developed a graduate student training which focused on creating a culture of care and authenticity among graduate student staff in peer and supervisory relationships. In addition, working in partnership with Crossroads Community Center at The University of Alabama and Sustained Dialogue, Maureen developed and initiated an introductory workshop on inclusion, identity, and inclusive language that was presented and facilitated through professional, graduate student, and student staff training. Maureen’s experience in higher education, navigating the cultural contexts of the South, has challenged her to learn to be vulnerable and authentic with her positionalities and experiences. Through this, she has developed a passion for creating spaces where students and peers can connect through narrative and authenticity.


AdamSAdam Sharples: Instructor, Department of Communication Studies 

Adam Sharples is an Instructor in the Department of Communication Studies and a doctoral candidate in Communication and Information Sciences. Adam’s research interests include the critical cultural and rhetorical approaches to identity. Specifically, Adam studies the rhetorical construction of LGBTQ+ identities in public discourse as well as the broader representation of race, gender, sex, and class in public media. Adam teaches courses in public speaking, African American rhetoric, communication and diversity,critical decision making, and the rhetoric of popular culture.